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Children’s lives and learning shouldn’t get lost in the crisis that we all find ourselves in.

The “Digital divide” is the gap between those who have access to modern information and communication technology, such as the internet, and those who don’t. As many as eight million people in the UK do not use the internet and 90 per cent of them suffer from other kinds of economic or social disadvantages.

An estimated 1 million CYP and their families in the UK don’t have adequate access to a device or connectivity at home. There is an unintended consequence of the drive to distance learning, in the widening of the disadvantage gap as a result of the technology available in homes. 42% of young people in large families (5+) share at least one device with someone else in their household. 58% say they are sometimes or often unable to go online for this reason. So how can we best bridge the digital divide?

The current lockdown is exacerbating this issue with devices being used by parents working from home, and by older siblings being required to access digital classroom offerings during school hours. Even when families do have cash to invest in additional devices for the home to manage at this most testing of times, it is proving increasingly challenging to find anywhere that has a stock of affordable devices.

Disadvantaged students face a number of barriers to learning. The prolonged closure of schools disrupts the deliberate policies put in place by schools to ensure that technical barriers are overcome. Unless we can ensure that students have access to an appropriate device and an internet connection they will be more disadvantaged than ever, and an increase in the digital divide.

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