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My Mind, My Life!

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My Mind, My Life!


My Mind, My Life! is a new project for children and young people in Sheffield aged 11 to 17 who need support with their mental health and well-being, funded by Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). My Mind, My Life! gives young people the chance to decide themselves what they need to improve their mental health and wellbeing and support them to take part in activities that help them achieve this.

The young people meet 1-1 with a project worker from Chilypep to explore what is going on for them and to set some goals for what they want to achieve; this could be anything from getting out and about more, learning a new skill, or making new friends. Over several sessions, the young person and the activity support worker talk about activities or equipment that would help the young person to achieve their goals and agree on what things the young person wants. A support plan is written with the young person and the support plan is sent to Chilypep and sometimes a panel to be agreed.

The activity support worker sorts out the activity or equipment needed with the young person and pays for any costs. The activity worker keeps in touch with them every month to make sure they’re ok and help with any problems. The young person records what they have done and how My Mind, My Life has helped them achieve their goals. They can do this in any way that they want!

What young people have said about their involvement in the project:

“It’s been good to have help going out to busy places and think of ways to help me feel calmer”

 “The project is helping me to gain confidence in myself”

 “I have helped others and animals at the farm and through this I have been more social.” 

“I feel a sense of accomplishment for doing this”

 To be able to take part young people must have an identified mental health need and has one of the following:

  • been assessed and be on the MAPS or CAMHS waiting list
  • is attending MAPS or CAMHS
  • their social worker has consulted with a MAPS professional

After filling in a simple form with their parent/carer, which is sent to Chilypep, Chilypep has a chat with their parent/carer or CAMHS/MAPS worker to get some general information. Then the young people meet with an activity support worker from Chilypep and has the chance to talk about what’s going on for them, and what they would like to do to make things better. They might do this in one meeting, or over several weeks to get to know each other.

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Location: San Diego, CA
Date: June 28, 2017
Duration: 2 Days
Type: Open
Entrants: Unlimited