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Joseph Perez

Child Safe Foundation / Joseph Perez

My Skills

* Strong Communicator
* Deliver communications plans, media guidelines and brand message development
* In-house and Agency people management
* Creative content and thought leadership development
* C-suite and senior influencer engagement
* Ability to create and drive customer, employee and influencer advocacy plans and content

Leadership 0
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Joseph Perez

Ambassador Advocacy & Support Services

Delivering a positive social impact has never been more important than now, particularly in the healthcare sector. I am currently working to support communications activities across areas including: ambassador advocacy, digital forums, fundraising and support services. Charities are key to patients and families, as they learn how to cope and live with a new or ongoing illness and volunteers are key to ensuring that service can be maintained.

I have worked in PR for more than 20 years and driven projects for enterprise, SMB, and start-up organisations, both agency-side and in-house. Recent roles have seen me focus on both network development and engagement, as well as content and campaign plans to enable more focused online and offline communications. I am passionate about building content plans that support the customer journey from awareness to purchase, using tools including market research, social media, and influencer advocacy to develop insights. To ensure consistent message delivery, for these campaigns I focus on a hub and spoke content model to share campaign plans, toolkits and ongoing deliverable tracking.

Contact details


+ 44 0203 488 5080


PQASSO Programme 

Head of Volunteering

Circle Coordinator

Head of Fundraising

Events Manager

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