(NO LONGER AVAILABLE) Meet & Greet VIP Package with Taylor Swift @ Werchter Boutique Festival 2020

(NO LONGER AVAILABLE) The talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, totally unique Taylor Swift is once again about to blow your mind.



The talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, Taylor Swift is once again about to blow your mind. She’s flying YOU out to Germany to enjoy VIP seats at the Werchter Boutique Festival 2020! Already excited? Just wait. Not only will you see Taylor Swift give jaw-dropping performances from some of the best seats at the festival, you’ll also meet up with her after the show to take some epic photos and score an exclusive backstage tour before it all begins. Forget the edge of glory. This IS glory. Flights and Hotel stay are included.

VIP Experience Schedule

Werchter Boutique 2020 Music Festival brings the best of pop music industry. On the Main Stage: artists who can provide high-quality entertainment and can enthrall a large crowd in the open air. Taylor Swift will headline the one-day festival.
Professional Limo Driver

Make sure you are packed & ready because today you and a friend are going to be picked up by our Mercedes Limo and transported to your nearest international airport where you will have a mega-breakfast in the Airport VIP Lounge awaiting your flight to Brussels, Belgium.

Personal Assistant/Chaperone

Flight into Brussels with Brussels Airlines together with your own personal assistant, Vanessa Gibbs

Hotel Super Host

Hotel check-in at the 5-Star HOTEL AMIGO for two luxurious nights with every amenity at your fingertips and all inclusive (Meals + Alcohol).

Personal Assistant/Chaperone

Yes, what is a trip without Shopping - Dinner - Night Out! You will be given £1,500 in shopping money to shop to your hear's content and dine at any one of the exclusive restaurants in and around Brussels. Your personal assistant and chaperone, Vanessa will guide you, if needed. Otherwise you can explore the city centre with your best friend on your own.

Professional Limo Driver

Make sure you are up and ready (and recuperated from last night's shopping and drinking) because its time to start your VIP experience at the FESTIVALPARK, WERCHTER with Taylor Swift and supporting acts.

Australian Band

Let;s get this party started already! Line-Up includes: 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER

The Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer (a.k.a. 5SOS) have the sun in their name. They are the result of a shared love of the metalcore of their fellow countrymen, Parkway Drive. The tuneful punk of blink-182, Good Charlotte and Green Day also influenced the quartet. Things really picked up for them when half of One Direction admitted they were fans. In 2013, 5SOS accompanied the boy band on a global tour, and the rest is history. ’Youngblood’ (2018) was the third album in a row to enter the American chart at #1. That’s a record. Songs like ‘She Looks So Perfect’, ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Teeth’ and ‘Youngblood’ are great to sing along to. Album number four is in the pipeline. Warm up those vocal cords!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift possesses an amazing set of stats. She has 35.8 million Youtube subscribers, 122 million Instagram followers and close to 85 million followers on Twitter. She has more than 43 million listeners a month on Spotify. She is currently rated as the highest earning female artist by American business magazine Forbes. She also features highly in other power rankings, such as the 'most influential people', the 'highest paid celebrities' and the 'most powerful women'. At just 29 years of age, Taylor Swift has seven albums to her name. Album sales are at 50 million and counting. And, as one of the top 5 artists online, digital sales are also soaring. Her most recent album, ‘Lover’, which went straight to number 1 in the US, the UK, Australia, Spain, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries after its release in August, is driving the statistics ever higher. Since then the accolades for her new work have been coming in. MTV, for example, crowned the video for “You Need To Calm Down” as its Video of the Year. And she knows a thing or two about winning prizes. She is the proud owner of 10 Grammy Awards - including 2 top awards for ‘Album Of The Year’, 23 American Music Awards, 23 Billboard Music Awards, 10 Country Music Awards, 1 Brit, 1 Emmy, 5 MTV Europe Music Awards, 10 MTV Video Music Awards and countless others. An impressive live performer, Taylor’s pop show 2.0 concerts flirt with perfection.



Get the VIP Meet & Greet & Photo Package
Get a show specific A4 tour art print, pre-signed by Taylor Swift
An exclusive VIP 2020 gift chosen by Taylor Swift
A commemorative VIP laminate and custom lanyard

Vanessa & Raymond
Chaperone & Limo Driver

Hope you enjoyed the show and festival. You now have all the memorabilia and photos and even more photos to come because we took a ton of pictures of you all throughout your VIP experience to help you capture each and every thrill and moment.

Both Vanessa & Raymond will driver transport and see you off at the Brussels airport for your trip home. And, no worries, we have a transport connection at your airport destination to get you home safe & sound.

Don't miss this amazing and once in a life time experience with Taylor Swift

Remember, you can bring a friend with you to enjoy and capture the entire experience on your smart phone if you win. So spread the word and donate for your chance to win