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Melissa Cruz

Child Safe Foundation / Melissa Cruz

My Skills

Evidence in Development
Social Anthropology and International Development
Gender and Development
Latin American Development
Politics and International Development
Research Methods for Social Anthropology
Geographies of Development
Wars and Humanitarian Crises
Public Policy and Welfare
Engaging Anthropology in Development
Development in Practice

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Melissa Cruz

Fundraising Officer

Volunteered alongside doctors, social workers and psychologists to provide healthcare services to socially excluded communities in the barrios of Acuba and 10 de Enero.

 We worked in the barrios, visiting families in their homes to collect data on their medical
histories and the most prevalent issues found in the barrios, such as lack of garbage
collection and water contamination

 We organised medical attention for the families, worked with individuals struggling with
substance abuse, and implemented workshops on dental health and check ups

 Additionally, I worked in the office transcribing the data collected from the barrios, as
well as working with the coordinator in organizing the group projects, including
preparation and distribution of questionnaires to the group, organizing transport to and
from the barrios, and communications with the community representatives

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+ 44 0203 488 5080


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