Sport For Development

We are a London based charity providing sustainable and regular participation in basketball whilst supporting a variety of career paths.

We operate within the ‘sport for development’ sector and aim to bring positive social change in areas such as health and wellbeing, substance misuse and employment, through the powerful medium of sport, and basketball specifically.

Development Programmes

We collaborate and work with other youth organisations and communities from all over the UK, Wales & Ireland. And young people in our movement to ensure all our programmes meet their changing needs. We use this insight to build high-profile partnerships to co-create and deliver innovative, accessible, funded opportunities for young people to empower them to engage with employment, volunteering or training.

Youth Engagement

Involving young people nationally in the design and delivery of UK Youth’s activities and empowering them to become active citizens and create positive change is embedded throughout our work. We provide support to organisations and services who want to involve young people in their decision-making processes through our training and consultancy. Getting our youth involved in political & governmental decision-making process is a national endeavour.

Build anything

Our young people are the minds of the future. We encourage them to build anything that comes mind, from art to music to sport to business.

Observe What Works

“Observations are key in connecting dots,” Lewis Howes said. Ask yourself, “Why do people like certain other businesses?” and “Why does that message inspire someone to act?”

Unlock creativity

“If you want to inspire the world, first inspire yourself,” Scooter Braun said. Learn the habits and rituals that fill your well and enable you to show up as your best.

Turn Negatives into Positives

Identical twin sisters Coco and Breezy turned the negative effect of bullying into a successful eyeglass business worn by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. “If you’re different, don’t be afraid to step outside of box,” they said.

Create Good Habits

“You’re only growing when you’re playing out of your comfort zone,” Nick said. “To close the gap between where you are and what you envision requires discomfort.”

Think Big!

“Find happiness in the moment you’re in right now,”Tori Kelly said. Learn to be happy in the present moment instead of wishing you were somewhere else.


McGee Adventure Park, the ultimate sports experience:

Youth Participation & Satisfaction


Personal Development




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