The government announced a package of measures that will have a big impact on families, but there are gaps

We can all work together in the coming months to stop more children and families falling into poverty during the coronavirus crisis.

Child Safe Foundation UK is, with others, calling on the government for a Family Rescue Package: a set of practical measures based on our experiences of working with families and children up and down the UK to help ensure stability of income of families and children through this crisis.

0 Countries & Terrorities affected

Child Safe Foundation UK is working closely with the World Health Organisation (WHO), authorities, health workers and partners, to provide critical supplies, technical guidance and support.

0 People Recovered Globally

We continue to support affected countries with medical supplies and work to ensure that risks are communicated to children and families, along with hand washing information and materials where needed.

0 People Infected Globally

We are working to ensure that children, pregnant women and their families know how to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Check the JOHN HOPKINS UNIVERSITY interactive map for more details

0 Funding needed

We are appealing nationally for £5.6 million to scale up support for efforts to contain the Coronavirus virus outbreak. Funds initially will support Child Safe Foundation's work to reduce the transmission of the virus, including by strengthening risk communication and tackling misinformation.

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Let's remember to:

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water. Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze. And maintain social distancing at all times


Stick to the facts, and be mindful. Don’t get caught up in, or contribute to, the noise. Remember children and others around you can pick up on your response to the news. Stay calm and informed.

Be Kind & Supportive to each other

Do your bit to call out bullying and stigmatisation. Don’t attach locations or ethnicity to the virus. Racial discrimination and bullying is always wrong. Let’s be kind, support each other and do our part to #ENDviolence.

Member reviews

Tom Davis


CSF is a great charity with great people leading the org. I've been working with Suzanne & Nancy on a project to publicly fundraise for their scholarship program. They are very open in communication, resourceful, and straightforward. I really appreciate everything that are doing for the less unfortunate kids in the UK
Claire Silva


I have followed and supported CSF efforts for many years. Child Safe Foundation is an amazing organisation that helps children and families in breaking the cycle of poverty, ill-health, and homelessness. They give the children a bright future. I completely believe and support the work of this wonderful charity for children and families.
Raymond Turner


This is a fantastic organisation that makes a huge impact on the lives of UK families. I was really impressed when visiting the projects they support and seeing the positive results of their work.

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