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Peer Mentors

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Peer Mentors


CSF works with young people from Kings College to set up peer mentoring projects to support other young people, including mental health and emotional wellbeing support.

Life for students at college can be stressful and challenging at times, particularly for new students. That’s why we’re working to train and facilitate young people as peer mentors.

Through our CHIL (changing, helping and influencing lives) peer mentor group we’re training young people to provide one to one support for those who might be struggling to cope or just need someone to talk to.

CSF works in Kings College to deliver a 10-week course for the Csf-GHIL group who will then be fully trained as peer mentors to support other young people with their emotional wellbeing.

We work to help students through one to one mentoring and also group activities that aim to protect and promote emotional wellbeing, and give students the opportunity to talk openly about mental health.

Check out our sleep toolkit developed as part of our Csf-GHIL Peer Mentoring Project at Kings College. Have a go at making some of the sleep recipes, create a sleep diary and find out about other useful resources that can help you get a better nights sleep!

CHIL Sleep Toolkit


If you would like to become a peer mentor, or would like to get help from a mentor as a mentee you can simply fill in the forms below to get started!

Become a mentor

Become a mentee

Location: London
Date: November 27, 2017
Duration: 3 Days
Type: Open
Entrants: Unlimited